Carvin Knowles Selected Filmography

The Hobbit Blog
2011-13 3 Foot 7 Ltd.
Composer: Original Score Episodes 5, 6, 7, 9 and 11
Composed funky, quirky eclectic score for several episodes of Sir Peter Jackson's online behind-the-scenes documentary about making the most expensive move ever (so far).

2013 34th Street Films/Peeples Productions Inc.
Composer: Into The Maelstrom
Composed full orchestral cue full of adventure and lots of brass.

American Reunion
2012 Universal Pictures/Practical Pictures/Relativity Media
Track: Love Muscle
The track "Love Muscle" is reprised in this American Pie sequel for Jason Biggs internet porn scene. Warning: do not try this at home.

Good Deeds
2012 Tyler Perry Studios/Lionsgate
Song: X-Static Electricity
Composed, performed and produced old-school tekno track for the fashion runway scene.

Plant Life (short)
2012 Blue Pippin Productions
Composer: Original Score
Composed, performed and produced original score for this mockumentary about alternative lifestyles and marriage equality.

Roy (short)
2012 Tim Tsiklauri/Luke Watkinson
Composer: Original Score
Song: Nothing Ever Happens
Composed, performed and produced original score using old-school synthesizers for this heart-warming Zombie story.

Will Ferrell: You're Welcome America - A Final Night with George W Bush
2009 Funny Business Productions
Song: The Money Shot
Composed and produced super-funky disco, featuring Joel Kleinberg on Saxophone.

Extreme Movie
2008 Blue Bally/FlipZide Pictures
Song: I Feel Dirty
Composed and produced raw, sleazy porno-funk for a comedic scene about awkward teen sex.

2008 The Weinstein Company/Lionsgate
Song: The New Me
Composed and produced music for the scene where our teenaged heros first arrive at college, leaving their childhood homes behind.

The Sopranos
2006 HBO
Song: Bottoms Up
Composed and produced music for Tony's club, while the boys discuss what to do about Vito.

Strangers With Candy
2005 Comedy Central Films/Roberts/David Films/Worldwide Pants
Song: Apakah Lampu
Composed and produced old pseudo-Bollywood-style production number that formed the punch-line of this instant cult classic.

Akeelah and the Bee
2005 Lionsgate Films
Song: Respect
Arranged and produced Aretha Franklin's classic song for high school marching band in the African American tradition, for the award scene.

Song: Effervescent
Produced new live brass arrangements for Bootsy Collins' funk masterpiece, for the jumprope scene.

Trailer Score
Produced funky remix of Rimsky-Kosakov's "Flight of the Bumblebee" that juxtaposed the original piano version with vintage synthesizers and theremin.

Cetin Takes Hollywood
2005 Mythmaker
Audio Mix
Misc. Score
Audio from multiple sources were mixed into a consistent whole, while the score, in the style of Ennio Morricone, tells a tale of the protagonist's showdown with destiny in Ric Gibbs' documentary about a Turkish TV star who tries to sell his script to movie mogul Joel Silver.

2005 Th!nkFilm
Composer: Full Score
Quirky and eclectic score for this laugh-out-loud documentary about the mother of all profanities with a more serious message about censorship in Bush's America. The score includes brass band, orchestral underscore, funk, blues, jazz, hip-hop and Bach-like counterpoint.

Pretty Persuasion
2005 Samuel Goldwyn Pictures
Song: Stiffed
'70s style funk with wah-wah guitars and too-much bass.

Slap Her She's French (She Gets What She Wants)
2004 ABC Family
Song: La Femme Toxique
The paisley-park style title song of this teen-flick was composed to-picture, featuring vocals by Cirque du Soleil star Kate St. Pierre.

2002 Lionsgate Films
Composer: Trailer Score
Orchestral score in the styles of Danny Elfman, John Williams and Bernard Herrman to match this creepy drama of mass murder and dismemberment.

2002 Lionsgate Films
Composer: Trailer Score
Dark, mystical world-music score to market this tale of lucky people who bet their luck against the fortunes of others.

Othello (Silent1922)
2002 Lionsgate Films
Composer: Full Score
Early 20th century "Modernist" score for the first filmed version of Shakespeare's classic that appeared on the supplemental disc for Lionsgate's updated teen-flick version.

Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy
2002 Maelstrom Pictures
Composer: Full Score
Light, quirky, funky score for this acclaimed documentary about an aging, fat, hairy, Jewish porn star. Styles included jazz, rock, funk and orchestral score.

2001 Artisan Entertainment
Song: The Money Shot
Composed and produced vintage '70s style groove for one of Steve Martin's most embarrassingly funny moments.

The Octopus Show
2000 Nature/National Geographic
Misc. Score
Composed four cues using musical styles from the middle-east and India to illustrate the otherworldly habits of the octopus.

Cecil B. Demented
2000 Artic/Artisan Entertainment
Song: Seduction
Composed and produced 70's style track in the style of Burt Bacharach and Isaac Hayes for the chase scene in John Waters' political spoof about guerilla filmmakers vs. the establishment.

Fantasia 2000 Special Edition (DVD)
2000 Walt Disney Feature Animation/Buena Vista Home Video
Die Walkure Medley
Arranged scenes from Richard Wagner's most famous opera for a "Deleted scene reconstruction" that featured Donald Duck. The music included "The Ride of the Valkyries" among others.

Dinosaur (DVD)
2000 Walt Disney Feature Animation/Buena Vista Home Video
Misc. Cues
Composed orchestral score for the "in-progress" presentation reels for Disney's great experiment in hybrid entertainment.

The Bogus Witch Project
2000 Trimark Pictures
Composer: Full Score
Composed and produced complete feature length score for this sendup of the low-budget horror genre. Styles included orchestral score, techno, jazz and bluegrass.

Diplomatic Siege
1999 Trimark Pictures
Score: Various Orchestral Cues
Composed and produced several tracks for this thriller about terrorists taking over an American Embassy.

American Pie
1999 Universal Pictures/Zide-Perry Productions/Newmarket Capital Group
Score: The Pie Scene
Composed and produced the track "Love Muscle" for the infamous scene where Jason Biggs with a freshly baked pie. Wah-wah guitars and too much bass.