Carvin Knowles Selected Discography

The Nameless: Pareidolia

2013 DMAFT Records
Composer/Producer/Artist (with Adam Pike)
Conceived in a laboratory near Cal-Tech in Pasadena, California, The Nameless' first album, Pareidolia, delivers a collection of electronic dance beats that cover a range from Sexy House to Funky Breaks. Available now from the Apple iTunes Music Store and Amazon MP3 Downloads.

Sex-O-Rama 3: Menage a Trois

2011 Oglio Records
Composer/Producer (with Adam Pike)
Sex-O-Rama, the "Original Porn-Funk Band" are back, pounding out '70s and '80s style funk, electro, disco and "score", with even more wah-wah guitar grooves (courtesy of Thomas "Fingers" Chelsea) and way too much bass (courtesy of the legendary Haywood Jablomi). For pure, raw, sexy, funky goodness, this album can't be beat.

Doot-Doot EP

2009 Oglio Records
as DJ Future-Proof
Cover versions and modern remixes of Freur's 1980s hit "Doot-Doot," including a Drum-n-Bass mix and the dreamy, downtempo "Audio Prozac Version."

The Fellowship: In Elven Lands

2006 Voiceprint (out of print)
2012 Oglio Records (reissue)
Composer/Producer (with Adam Pike and The Fellowship)
First conceived in 1992, The Fellowship takes a musicological approach to imagine how the ancient cultures described by J.R.R. Tolkien might have sounded, performing on an all-acoustic array of ancient and modern instruments that includes harp, lute, hurdy-gurdy, krumhorn and gong. Their international cast of singers deliver stunning performances using dialects of Sindarin, Quenya, Anglo-Saxon and Modern English.


2005 Ozone Layer Music
Carvin Knowles' first solo album is a beat-driven fusion of Middle Eastern music. Features Turkish Ud, Egyptian and Indian percussion, vintage Moog Synthesizers and a short-wave radio. HAMSA has been called "Infectiously Groovy" by the press. Read the customer reviews at

The Tao Factor: Organically Grown Roots, Beats and Jazz

2003 Ozone Layer Music
Composer/Producer (with Antony Lee)
Carvin Knowles' collaboration with Tony Lee (The Love Doctor, Urban Dread, Ellie Ven). Dub, reggae, dancehall and funk, featuring huge brass sections and truly fat beats. The Tao Factor: Organically Grown Roots, Beats and Jazz is currently out of print.

Sex-O-Rama II

1999 Oglio Records
Producer, Writer
Carvin's most licensed work for film and Television features '70s-style funk with wah-wah guitar grooves and too much bass. His production of "Porno-Style-Grooves" was so convincing that even his own mother believed that he was writing music for adult films.

Cocktails in the Cantina

1999 Oglio Records
Jazz arrangements of John Williams' classic scores for the Star Wars films, featuring a 10-piece swing orchestra. The Star Wars fans were highly divided about whether or not they liked this one. Read the fan reviews at and decide for yourself.

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